Training of Personnel

The Company seriously fulfilled its social responsibilities, set up training systems for personnel and launched different training and development projects at various levels. The Cement College of China Resources University divides the talent development plan into three career paths:

1. Management path: Emphasizing on the model of leadership qualities, and based on the leadership requirements at all levels, training programs are organized at different grades, such as line managers’ training, training of qualified middle management, training of qualified general managers at the facilities, training on excellence in leadership, and the China Resources management path.

2. Professional path: Professional training which reflects the characteristics of the industry and the profession. Through gradually setting up a comprehensive qualification system, combined with considerations of the employees’ job competency, work performance and career development aspirations, a stepped training system is formed. The system comprises elementary professional technical training, intermediate professional technical training and advanced professional technical training.

3. Support platforms: Knowledge management platform, E-learning platform, training delivery platform, training management system, etc.

4. Operation skills path: Based on the technical competence level, a series of knowledge and skills training are organized, together with on-the-job practice.

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