Care for Employees

The Company views its employees as the most valuable resources for the survival and development of the company, and regards the peace and happiness of its employees and their families as the Company’s foundation. It continuously improves the working environment and remuneration and provides a broad platform for development and opportunities for the employees to display their individual talents. Adhering to the aim of “respecting human values, developing human potentials and sublimating human minds”, China Resources is a diversified organization where ordinary people become excellent, excellent people become extraordinary. People in China Resources continue to realize their dreams.

Nurturing and cultivating a team of talents who are able to keep ahead in the market, create organizational superiority, be value-oriented and have a sense of mission and responsibility in order to achieve strategic objectives is China Resources’ continuing pursuit. In 2015, the survey conducted by an authoritative agency, Aon plc, reviewed that the Company’s employee engagement reached 85%, which was the fourth consecutive year of achieving the zone of excellent performance or the best employers..

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