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Customer Services

We have established a sound customer service system. Each region and production plant has a team of customer service providing pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. Our customer service staff will contact customers regularly, provide guidance to the customers as to the proper use of the products, exchange technical knowledge with customers and provide training to the operational personnel of our customers. In addition, we have set up a dedicated customer complaints hotline and we will respond to any complaint within 24 hours of receipt.
Quality Control
We have established the GB / T19001 Quality Management System for all production plants and conducted product quality certification. Various production plants have enhanced homogenization and quality control on raw materials, fuel, semi-finished products and finished products. All indicators of our products’ quality are higher than the national standards. Our production plants and the provincial quality inspection institutions or institutions of higher levels conduct comparative tests on a monthly basis to verify and improve the detection level.
Quality Control Consultants Limited (“QCC”), which is a subsidiary of the Company, has grown from testing concrete and cement to testing of a multitude of items ranging from soils, tiles to metal since 1986. QCC first achieved HOKLAS (Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) status in 1989 for approximately 10 test items which thereby provided traceable identification test results to laboratories worldwide. At present, over 500 items of tests and calibration have been accredited by HOKLAS, making QCC one of the largest accredited private construction materials testing laboratories in Hong Kong.
Precautions on Delivery, Transportation, Storage and Use of Cement
1. During transportation and storage, the cement shall not be moistened and mixed with debris.
2. Bulk and bag cement should be stored separately according to different manufacturers, product types, strength levels and batches. They should not be mixed together. Cement inventory are managed according to the method of first in first out and last in last out.
3. If the cement has been stored for too long, re-sampling is required to make sure it fulfills the relevant standard before use. Due to the rainy season in the South, it is suggested to finish the products within 7 days.
4. According to the characteristics, design and construction requirements and site environment of different projects, appropriate types and strength level of cement should be chosen. For the same part of a construction project, cement from the same manufacturer, type and strength level should be used.

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