Production Safety

CR Cement is in strict compliance with the Production Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China and promulgated the “EHS Management Series” in the “CR Cement Management Manual” and relevant regulating policies for continuous improvement on safety management system, reinforcement of safety management on counterparties and proactive launch of supervisions and inspections. At the same time, the Company persistently explores and applies new technologies in order to enhance production safety. CR Cement constantly consolidates fundamental management and innovative management models and prevents safety risks by means of management and technology in order to promote the safe and sustainable development of the Company.

By virtue of creating production safety standardization which meets the requirements, CR Cement continuously initiated, consolidated and improved our work for building first-class enterprises in safety standardization in order to improve safety management performance. In 2018, our cement production plants in Fuchuan, Heqing, Midu, Changzhi and Longyan Caoxi successfully passed onsite assessments as the First-Class Enterprise in National Production Safety Standardization.


As of the end of 2018, 28 cement production plants of the Company have passed assessments as the First-Class Enterprise in National Production Safety Standardization, mines of 17 production plants have passed assessments as the Second-Class Enterprise in National Production Safety Standardization. Among which, Fengkai Cement was named as the First-Class Model Enterprise in National Production Safety Standardization and Tianyang Cement was named as the Model Enterprise for National Safety Culture Cultivation. Furthermore, the Company engaged China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd. to audit and provide guidance on the operation of safety standardization system for enterprises that had passed the First-Class Enterprise assessments for the constant consolidation of our achievements in safety standardization and continuous improvement.


CR Cement Safety Culture


CR Cement persistently insists on the integration of corporate development and social responsibility. In combination with corporate inherent characteristics and advantages in our active participation of various projects for poverty alleviation and community service, we are building a more harmonious and better society with practical actions. CR Cement fully utilized our inherent advantages in resources to create a healthy, stable and harmonious community environment by repair and construction of rural roads and renovation of dilapidated houses. CR Cement attaches great importance to the future education and development of talents. Through donations of clothes, stationery, books, teaching equipment, set-up of study grants and encouraging donations from all members of the society, CR Cement organized various types of community activities for subsidized schooling.


We attach great importance to care for special groups including the poor, the disabled, the left-behind children and the elderly without family. We promoted activities which offered succour, solace and assistance. We persistently visited and expressed solicitude to elderly care institutions, the elderly without family and the general public in need in the neighbouring villages over all these years. We have assisted our neighboring towns and villages in the construction of roads and repair of bridges, and made donations in cash or in kind to underprivileged regions and families in need to solve their practical difficulties. At the same time, CR Cement participated in the construction of the China Resources Group Hope Towns and provided support in terms of materials and human resources to the Group's efforts in rural revitalization.


The Company regularly visits employees in need and their families while caring for and following up with the improvement of their living conditions. With the establishment of the “China Resources Cement Gratitude Fund”, the Company encourages the employees to make voluntary donations and sets up a payment mechanism to match the employees’ donations in the same amount. The donations shall be used for subsidizing employees in need and in illness. In 2018, the “China Resources Cement Gratitude Fund” granted subsidies in the total amount of RMB326,000 to 16 employees.

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